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Jennifer Bajsel, local DFW chef and owner of the successful company Getting Saucy, began her professional cooking career in 2011. Bajsel, who started as a home cook over 20 years ago is known for creating high-quality, flavorful dishes that cross international borders. Getting Saucy, Jennifer’s company, was created in 2014 to deepen her culinary experience. Through her expansion of culinary knowledge she has become a food advocate. She understands the complexity of the American food system and how important it is to return to eating "real" food. Through her company, Bajsel currently offers both chef prepared meal delivery service as well as boutique catering services.

Why us?

We care about the families we feed in a big way. We honor the principals of sustainability and regenerative farming practices to provide you with food that you can feel good about eating and serving to your family.

We provide busy families, professionals, athletes and those with special dietary needs, chef-prepared, customized meals made with fresh, wholesome ingredients delivered right to their fridge!

One of the best parts of working with Getting Saucy is that we fit seamlessly into our client’s lives. It’s like they don’t even know we are there… the food just shows up!

Besides our weekly prepared meals, Getting Saucy also provides boutique catering with the same principles as meal delivery with a high-end sophistication.